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Chainmail G-strings

Carefully handcrafted with smooth links, even our lingerie such as these g-strings don't catch hair.

Deluxe Womens g-string $70.00
What fetish wardrobe is complete without the basic metal g-string? The deluxe style is handcrafted of tight-woven chainmail for opaqueness. Each link is individually checked for full closure and absence of burrs. The side and back straps are of sewn polyester braid with plenty of stretch to provide a very adjustable fit and even more comfort. Our Deluxe women's g-string is shown here with a Blacklock waistchain and a Crystalweave bikini top.
Our bikini tops are all made of aluminum for comfort so choose that metal option for best match.
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Valkyrie maille g-string $130.00
Going for an amazon queen or flashy seductress look? This metal women's g-string is yet another of our unique chainmail designs, and as always, we put as much effort into the feel of the piece as we do its looks. The scale-mail style flap of shiny steel leaves is attached to one of our handlinked chainmail g-strings. This design allows for the swishing, eye-catching movement of light over the scales while retaining the comfort which our work is so well known for. We've added unique wings of scales to adorn the back in a unique and attractive style devised so to not get in the way of sitting and moving. The main g-string structure of this piece features our deluxe style chainmail g-string but with extra-plush straps to better support the weight. Main picture shown with Valkyrie scale necklace. See other view with a Valkyrie neck to nipple chain. View back.
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Crystalweave chain mail g-string $100.00
This feminine design is a deluxe style g-string dripping with fire polished beads, each combined with shimmery crystal aurora borealis ones of a smaller size. The optionsl little bells do not come with any beads but are have a great sound for being so tiny. The back of this g-string features a chain of flowery maille with a drape of Japanese style chainmail. The shining beads or bells both fringe the edge and are sprinkled within the piece itself. As with all of our gstring designs, the stretchy straps provide additional comfort for all sizes. See back view.
Choose aluminum metal if matching to one of our bikini tops.
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Diamond chainmail thong $100.00
This sexy metal thong is incredibly popular. The shape and design is so innovative that lesser quality copies started to appear mere months after we introduced it. In the front, bright, nickel-plated chains radiate from a chainmaille diamond. This diamond shape leads into a sturdy panel underneath which tapers to a strip of maile in the back. The thick, comfortable braided rayon side straps have an amazing amount of stretch which allow this g-string to fit from extra small up to 40" waists. If extra comfort is desired, we can make it with one of these plush, stretchy straps in the back rather than the strip of chainmail. See other view with a WebArt headdress, Diamond chain top, and a Diamond slave armlets. See the back view.
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Raven chain mail g-string $105.00  Sale! $94.50
This exotic new g-string design is as alluring as it is unique. It has a gothic theme, with black anodized chains and sleek steel chainmail centering on a Hematite teardrop which teasingly draws the eye. The back is just as unusual with its graceful chainmail shapes and a flattering double drape of chain. The straps are plush and very stretchy, providing a comfortable fit up to a 40" waist. Shown with an Amira headband, Raven collar decoration, Raven arm bands w/connection chains, and Raven slave bracelets. See back view. View close-up.
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ShadowPoint gstring $125.00
Another uniquely shaped g-string, this one with an Amazon style, loincloth look. A flap overlapping the top front and the longer, ornamental tail on the back are garnished with chain drips, garnet points and reflective drops. The silver-tone option is steel. Dual-tone has a steel g-string portion just like our Dark-Ring g-string with overlapping piece and back drape made in brass with golden ornaments. Choose gold-tone for brass g-string and flaps. It fits up to a 38" waist. The main view is shown in dual-tone with a Crystal belly chain. View in steel with a Crystal coronet, ShadowPoint slave set, Chainmail bikini top and a Colorful Hand-drape. See back view.
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Dark-Ring metal g-string $95.00
This sexy women's g-string has unique, body-flattering shape as well as a sturdy feel. Shiny chains bound by dark gunmetal rings add design while supporting the handcrafted chainmail. As with all our chainmail g-strings each ring is individually closed and checked to be sure they won't catch on hair or skin, making them quite comfortable. For a more public sort of costume, it may be worn to great effect with the metal gleaming under a sheer skirt or wear over leggings for a codpiece type of effect. Plush, stretchy straps wrap to the back where they meet at an attractive and unique clover of chainmail. This g-string fits up to a 38" waist and is shown with a Colorful Handpiece. See back view with a Crystal coronet, ShadowPoint slave set, and a Chainmail bikini top.
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Amira chain mail g-string $85.00
This deluxe style chain mail g-string sports a fringe of shining fire polished beads. It's a fantasic look under sheer harem pants and a popular for exotic dancer costumes. Our g-strings are comfortable, with sewn straps of polyester braid and handwoven chainmaille which is smooth to the touch. The links sit close together, reflecting the light, so this item is not see-through while it is being worn. See other view with Amira bikini top and Amira handflower.
Choose aluminum as the metal option for best match to our bikini tops.
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Deluxe Mens chain mail g-string $120.00
Of all our men's items, this deluxe g-string is by far the most popular. It is based on the same design as the men's chainmail g-string. However, there is a huge difference in the feel of this style because it is a much tighter knit, making it more comfortable and virtually opaque. View close-up. The model in the close-up is abnormally large, but the pouch is designed to fit properly on all conceivable sizes. The polyester braid straps stretch for a comfortable fit on a wide range of sizes.
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Mens chainmail gstring $90.00
Our men’s g-strings are designed to cup and hold in the appropriate places. This style may be worn without additional clothing but is somewhat see-through, as opposed to our tighter woven Deluxe Men's g-sring. The straps are a very stretchy polyester braid for extra comfort and a self-adjusting fit. It is displayed here over a leather g-string. View close-up.
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Spike chainmail g-string $105.00
Another never seen before g-string shape! This sexy piece features a compact, tight knit g-string which is suspended by nickel-plated chains and sliders. Hovering above is an eye catching row of chainmail and spikes. The back is embellished with two chainmail diamonds and shiny chains in curve flattering drapes. The straps are a plush, polyester braid which has a great deal of stretch to allow proper fit for up to 40" waists. It is shown here with a Crown of Spikes, Lock-et collar. View close-up. See back view.
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Hexmaile flair skirt
This item is not currently available
This flowing skirt slips sleekly along curves of all sizes. The intriguing side cutouts enhance the shape of the hips while the pretty fringe of fire-polished beads or nickel-plated bells adds just enough weight to cause the bottom to flair outward with a twist or spin. From belly dancing to clubs, this makes an incredible dance skirt. It's unique design allows it to fit from the slimmest of sizes through to a 38" waist. See other view with a Raven necklace. See back view with a mid-length Colorful headdress.

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  • Our g-strings are great for more than just clothing
    Placing a vibrating massager against any part of the chainmaile will transmit the vibration through each interlocking ring, especially in the aluminum metal. This technique works great with our tightly woven bikini tops too!

     For belts which look great with g-strings, see our belts and waist chains

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