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Privacy Policy - How safe is my personal information?

Your personal information is kept completely private. We never sell, trade or otherwise give out such information. We will not email or phone you except as concerning your order or in response to your communications. We never use email addresses for bulk mailings.

Our method of collecting and storing internet orders is more secure than that of many businesses. We do not store even encrypted card numbers on an internet connected server and all excryption keys and orders are kept in physically separate locations to which only the two business owners have access. Our system uses up to date encryption and an SSL connection. This all means that ordering online from us is more secure than using your credit card at a local gas station or restaurant.

Cookies: One need not have cookies turned on for general browsing of this website, though they are used to make browsing easier. Cookies are only needed for making purchases or while using special services such as customer accounts and wishlists.

What if I don't like something I buy or if it breaks?

We offer a Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase for unworn items. Contact us via internet or phone (860-741-2965) with the reason for the return to obtain an authorize code and return instructions. Unauthorized returns or expired authorizations will be subject to a restocking fee. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable, and all returns must be in resalable condition. Returns not in pristine condition upon arrival at our facility may be eligible for a partial refund or in-store credit.
Due to health concerns, we are unable to accept returns on items from piercing chains or bottoms categories and $2 will be deducted on returned pierced earrings for replacement of those parts. Items made with other than the available options are not returnable.

If your order doesn't fit as desired, please contact us. We may need additional measurements to be sure of the adjustments to make. Very often, we are able to provide information to correct problems long distance.

We have a Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship. Should anything we make break without misuse it will be fixed at no additional charge. This warranty does not include shipping or any components we do not make ourselves, but we will do our best to right any problems. You must Contact us for instructions before sending anything back.

Return Shipping Instructions:
Items should be returned in the original packaging with a copy of the sales receipt. Be sure to insure return shipments as we are not able to fix, refund or exchange items which we don't receive. We make all our products with care so please be sure to package them properly when shipping them back to us and do not send them through the Post Office's letter handling machinery. This means DO NOT throw it in a letter envelope and toss it in a mailbox! We will no longer credit items which have been shipped to us in this way. Some or all of the value of damaged items will be deducted if we need to repair them due to improper packaging or shipping.

Take a look at what some of our customers have said about our work.

When will I receive my order?

We make orders within a week of payment verification. When it will arrive depends on a great many factors such as payment type, location and requested shipping method. See our order information page for shipping methods, average times and rush order instructions. Further information on these shipping methods can be found at Also see "in stock" below.

Do you have the item I want in stock?

We handcraft our products to order so very few of our items are in finished form beforehand. However, we also have the fastest turnaround time among companies in our field. Our average time for orders to be completed and shipped is 2 business days after payment is verified. We ship all orders within a week of payment verification. If you absolutely need it shipped within a couple days see our rush manufacturing information.

We do not recommend attempting to purchase any handcrafted to order goods at the last minute and remind you to order early for Halloween and Christmas/Solstice. We get absolutely swamped with order requests when nearing such holidays and often turn any orders with processing problems away in favor of spending that time making most others.

How do I have an order sent to a different address?

To have an order sent to an alternate shipping address it must be paid by cashier's check/money order, personal check or bank transfer. Make sure you check off Money Order, Check or Other in question #1 on our order form. Then check the dot next to "Yes" for the question "Is this order being shipped to a different address?" at #3 on that same page. The alternate shipping address form will come up on the next page. .

How do I place an order without a credit card?

Please see our How to Order page.

Why does processing checks take so long?

Due to our bank's policy of using a third party for check processing, we are unable to find out if a check has cleared for a month after depositing it. For prompt service, please use a debit card or send a money order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you have a catalog or storefront?

Our offerings are too specialized to make owning our own storefront a viable option in CT. We also have very little finished stock onhand because we make our items to order.
We no longer offer a full print catalog. It was discontinued because we found it to be much more efficient to put that time and expense into our product line and online catalog. Color sales flyers are available with orders.

Do you offer items at wholesale prices?

Our online catalog prices are already wholesale prices. As they already reflect direct from manufacturer discounts, we are unable to offer further discounting. Due to the time intensive nature of this craft we are not taking on new high quantity accounts.

Why aren't your pictures working?

If none of our product photos are coming up but the other graphics and image maps are, you probably have a security program set to disable the HTTP_REFERER header or your network has misconfigured proxy settings.

The HTTP_REFERER is a standard HTTP header and contains no personally identifying information, just the last page one was/is on. If it is turned off, our server can not tell if you are requesting the picture from our pages or from that of some of the frequent bandwidth thieves which have been stealing our pictures and running up our server costs. Some common privacy programs have begun automatically disabling this information, so those should first be checked for settings to disable "private headers", referrer logging, or something similar.

Who is Strangeblades (Chainmail) & More?

Strangeblades & More was started on July 1st in 1992 by Greger and Sunshyn. When it began, the emphasis was on Greger's custom knives. Sunshyn's chainmail and jewelry designs were a brand new sideline. Those designs really kicked off, and we've been coming up with new ideas and creations ever since. Now the knives are a very small part of our business and are never sold via mail order. We handcraft all our items ourselves so our products are all made in the USA.

Strangeblades & More has since become Chainmail & More LLC, but our priority of creating high quality, handmade art has never changed.

So what's with your low prices?

Our online prices reflect direct from manufacturer discounts. For chainmail pricing information, see our Chain Mail Price Information page.

What is chainmail?

No, it has nothing to do with chain letters. Chainmail (chain mail, chainmaille, etc.) is the craft of forming rings from wire and interlinking them, typically in weave arrangements which were once used to make chainmaille armor in ancient and medieval times. Occasionally we use a much newer weave such as our original CaptiveLink. We at Chainmail & More not only create this traditional material with our own hands (OK, with the help of wire cutters and hand pliers), but we bring it into modern times by using it to make wearable works of art never before seen until we imagined and created them.

How should chainmail be cleaned and cared for?

Our products should be kept in a dry place. We recommend storing your items in a re-sealable bag to better keep their shine. All of our creations are made for fashion use rather than for continuous wear.

To clean, don't do anything that wouldn't be done to jewelry. Do NOT use any sort of heavy abrasive cleaner or method. Doing so effectively ruins the pieces, leaving scratches and removing any finish. A jewelry cleaning cloth is usually beneficial, especially on tin-plate and brass items. Most of our work can be washed with soap and water, just be certain to dry it thoroughly immediately afterward. You may also use non-abrasive jewelry tumbling. Brass links can also be shined with lemon oil.

Do you actually make this stuff?

Yep, handmade by the artist/owners ourselves right here in the USA. Every chainmail and jewelry item on our site is our own design, many are new ideas which never existed before we imagined them and then worked out how to make it a reality. We handcraft every item ourselves, right down to starting with spools of wire for the majority of our chainmail.

We are proud to be able to offer original, artistic creations made from quality materials at low prices. Here's what's involved in making most of the chainmaille portions:

1) Spin straight wire into spring-like coils
2) Cut the coils into rings (links)
3) Weave each link into place, close with pliers, check for gaps or burrs

Even with all the extra care that we put into our work, we have an extremely fast turn around time for artist crafted creations. Although few items are stocked in finished form, we rarely take more than a few days to complete and ship even larger orders.

Why don't you sell full shirts/armor?

There are many chainmail makers who specialize in armor. We prefer to create our own unique designs and leave the armor requests for those who would rather make that type of piece. The chainmail section of our link pages is a good place to start when searching for other chainmail vendors.

Can I order your earrings for non-pierced ears?

Yes. We keep getting this one despite it being addressed in almost every earring description, on each earring page, and even in our search engine. To order ear cuff earrings for entirely non-pierced ears, choose the Style options (the dropdown boxes directly below the item description) for ear cuff and for non-pierced... Ear cuffs are so named because they cuff, or wrap around, the ear rather than pierce. For other earrings, just mention that you would like it made with clip-ons when you place your order. There is no change in price for this.

On a side note: We are proud to say that our ear cuff and multi-pierced earrings are our own original inventions. In fact, three of our still available styles were among of our very first products when we began our business in 1992. We were making and selling them before Star Trek Bajoran earrings ever made an appearance.

The ear cuff seems too large or small. What do I do?

Ear cuffs usually need some adjustment for proper fit. That's the main reason we use sterling silver as its much more adjustable than plated metals.
Remove your ear cuff and open or squeeze it just a bit and try it again. Repeat this, making tiny adjustments and until you are happy with it. Tiny adjustments are best because you don't want to warp it. Should that happen anyway, you can use something about the size of a small magic marker to widen and reshape it. Pinching the ear cuff tighter while wearing it on the ear can be painful so that is not advised. Once the ear cuff is set so that it is comfortable enough that you can forget you're wearing it, you shouldn't have to adjust it again.

Is [item name] sold by the pair or singly?

We handcraft each of our products individually and all are sold singly unless otherwise noted in the product description. Occasionally, a product is often purchased two at a time. In such cases, when we are able to, we offer a lower price per pair as a dropdown box option below the product description.

Do you know where I can find ...?

We have a very extensive selection of links to related sites. Almost anything you could want can be found on one or more of the websites listed there. Please check the appropriate categories. If it can't be found there, we probably don't know where it can be found either. Please don't ask us for our bulk component suppliers.

What materials do you use?

Please see our Material Information page.

Do you sell supplies/pre-cut links/chains/locks?

We've been hand cutting our links since we started in 1992 and have never been able to produce enough to sell as chainmail supplies. However, we have recently found a company willing and even able to cut with the specific angle and perfect flush cut we require. We are unsure if this is something we will be adding as standard products, but as a special, limited-time offer, we have some 1/4" aluminium pre-cut rings available for sale.

Locks, nooses, connection chains etc. are components of our artworks, not standalone products. We are artists running a manufacturing business which is not setup to resell supplies or items. The cost of processing such transactions, not to mention losing the materials we purchased or made for our own use, is far too expensive to be worthwhile. For suppliers of pre-cut rings, locks or other materials, see the appropriate sections of our link pages or your local craft or hardware stores.

Can you give me the pattern for...

Please refer to our Art of Chain Mail Design page.

artwork by Philip Owen
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