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WebArt ™ Chainmaille Line
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Delightful webs, handwoven in colorful chain and matching fancy bead drops, these creations are of unsurpassed beauty and originality. Artfully designed so that both the fire polished beads and the anodized aluminum chain work together to create the color while the smaller Hematite beads enhance it. Black WebArt items are elegantly gothic and work very naturally with any items in the Raven fashion line. The brighter colors combine well with our Colorful line creations.
These are fashions and jewelry inspired by spider webs. If you're looking for actual spiders, check out our Spider necklace and earrings.

WebArt waist chain
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WebArt waist chain $40.00
In belly dance and harem style, this exquisite waist chain has an ornate front piece made of fire polished and hematite beads. It makes a lovely costume accessory with its drapes of chains in your choice of color which intertwine their way along the belt. The faceted beads match the chain. Gold-tone and silver-tone belts are made with beautiful crystal aurora borealis beads. It can be worn low on the hips as well as straight across the waist. Fits up to a 40" waist. Shown with a WebArt bodypiece and WebArt hand bracelets. View in sapphire w/cobalt beads shown with a WebArt headdress and a Diamond slave ensemble. See silvery waistchain with a Steel-lace choker.
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WebArt tiara
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WebArt tiara $35.00
A tiara is a decorative jeweled headband. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume. The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lacework of chain drapes its way back. It is held on comfortably and securely by very stretchy rayon and, as with all our headbands, one may choose to wear it over or under the hair. Choose your favorite chain color with matching beads, gold-tone and silver-tone are made with scintillating crystal aurora borealis beads. Shown here with a Spike choker and a non-pierced Spike earring. See other view with a WebArt necklace.
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WebArt over-skirt
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WebArt over-skirt $165.00
This beautiful design consists of two handwoven spider webs, front and back. Each is shaped in such a way as to flow with and gracefully accent the curves of the body. Originally created as a stylized version of an armor skirt, it also looks delightful with many modern clothing items (including skirts, dresses, and leggings). Fancy drops of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the edges. Fits up to a 40" waist. Choose from our list of matching chain and fire polished bead colors. Shown with WebArt halter top and WebArt harem bracelets. See front view. This item is being discontinued, as reflected by the price and color options.
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WebArt neck jewelry
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WebArt neck jewelry $35.00
The perfect neck jewelry for an ensemble which requires an exotic touch. This necklace is a lovely, handwoven web of chains and beads which we handcraft in a variety of colors. The center ring is made to rest in the hollow of the neck with the spiderweb radiating outward in a rich display of colored chains with faceted beads woven throughout. The outer ring of fire polished beads are bracketed with the dark gleam of Hematite to enhance the overall color. Adjusts to fit 12"-18" necks but just ask if you need one created in a custom size. Close-up shown here in blue w/cobalt blue beads. View in red with a matching WebArt tiara. See other view in purple with a WebArt headdress and WebArt hand bracelet.
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WebArt head-piece
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WebArt head-piece $150.00
A gorgeous, colorful spiderweb of chains and crystalline drops, this is headware worthy of a princess. It's gorgeous design would really be something else for a night on the town, and the bright chains and beads would create the most eye catching effects when worn with harem and belly dancing costumes. The back side of this web comes down to mid-length (below the shoulder blades) and is well adorned with fancy drops made of fire polished and Hematite beads. Gold-tone and silver-tone colors are made with lovely crystal aurora borealis beads, otherwise those faceted beads match the chain color. The elaborate centerpiece in the front is just as intricate as that of the WebArt tiara and expands from there into ornate drapes of chain, decorated with more fancy bead drops. See front view in sapphire w/cobalt beads and a Diamond chains top. View in amethyst purple with matching WebArt necklace and hand bracelet.
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WebArt hand bracelet
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WebArt hand bracelet $30.00
This wonderful harem, or hand, bracelet is hand woven of chain and fire polished beads. It's a stunning handpiece, the like of which has never been seen before. The design forms a graceful double arc spanning the back of the hand. It is worn on thumb and three fingers like a demi-glove or glovelette and makes a terrific bracelet or harem costume accessory. Fits from 6"-8½" wrists. See other view with a WebArt bodypiece. Gold and silver colors are made with clear, crystal aurora borealis beads. These are sold singly though some prefer to wear in pairs.
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WebArt halter top
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WebArt halter top $215.00
Chainmail bikini tops are an enduring tradition but making them more artistic to be more than just a plain bikini was just not done before we started selling them. Once upon a time we would create one of a kind bikini tops with unique spiderwebs and other designs woven within and around them. Those pieces were always in great demand. However, we did not have the opportunity to make one for every customer who wanted one because she had to be wearing the top during the very time intensive web-weaving process. We are now pleased to be able to offer through mail order bikini tops similar to those original works of art. Each will be handwoven to order in colorful chains and adorned with matching firepolished beads bracketed with Hematite. Shown here with a WebArt over-skirt. As with all our bikini top based designs, this one is hand linked by the artist out of lightweight aluminum links and is supported by deluxe, heavyweight spandex straps hand-sewn for ultimate comfort. For a similar look in a more versatile fashion, consider a WebArt bodypiece and Chainmail bikini top combination.
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WebArt bodypiece
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WebArt bodypiece $150.00
This elaborate creation is an awesome display of wearable art. We've been known for our unique, handwoven spiderwebs since 1992. For many years these original chain weaves were restricted to one-of-a-kind pieces, woven almost entirely while being worn by the customer to ensure that each chain hung precisely on each particular body shape. We finally invented a process which allows the web to form attractively to just about any shape and size so we are now able to offer this coveted work of art without requiring the customer to endure long hours of personal fittings.
This full frontal bodypiece is handwoven in chain of your selected color with matching faceted beads bracketed with Hematite to enhance the color. It fits attractively on all shapes and sizes through at least a 40D. It is shown here in gold-tone chain with WebArt hand bracelets. See another view with a WebArt waistchain and WebArt hand bracelets.
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