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Chainmail with spikes, blades and swords. We wanted to set up a Pointies fashion line category for our designs which combine chainmail with pointy parts but were told that not enough people would understand the attraction so decided to put it in the index instead.

Crown of Spikes
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Crown of Spikes $42.00
This chainmail coronet is a unique and suitable accessory for amazon or warrior princess. The attractive band of chain-mail shapes and rings is adorned with shiny spikes. This creation is fully adjustable with the help of a small stretchy section at the back which is ornamented with a drape of chain. That piece makes this headband quite secure when worn lower upon the brow. A couple bobby pins may be desired when resting it higher upon the crown of the head. It is shown here with a Lock-et collar and Spike armband. See back view. Our Crown of Spikes design in a daintier, less spikey form is available as our Crystal coronet.
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Spike chainmaille choker
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Spike chainmaille choker $27.00
This makes a great punk or gothic choker for men and women. However, this isn't your typical spiked choker. We craft this unique creation with our trademark chainmail diamonds and coffin-shaped center ending in long metal spikes. Unusual nickel-plated spiked rings lie between steel chainmail sections. This choker is designed to rest comfortably as high on your neck as you like. The standard size fits from a 12-15 inch neck, while large fits from 15-18 inches. See other view with a WebArt tiara.
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Spike bootchain
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Spike bootchain $36.00
This is an interesting and unique steel boot chain design. The steel chainmail is offset by shiny nickel-plated rings and chain. Two different types of spikes add personality and a bit of punk style. We used to only make boot chains at events because variations in heel and boot size can make the bottom chain too loose. This can be a big problem if the chain slips under the heel. This original style of bootchain fits just about any boot which has even a slight heel. Excess chain around the boot itself is meant to be hooked upon the main piece. However, we do offer a slightly smaller size to better accommodate ladies boots with slim ankles. This item is ornate enough that we usually prefer to wear them singly, but others may prefer to order two. See other view.
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Blade ear cuff earring
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Blade ear cuff earring $26.50
This ear cuff, or multi-pierced, earring is popular with both men and women and goes great for a pirate, punk or gothic flare. Black chain sweeps down from a cuff or upper-stud from which dangles a pewter blade. The basic design of this earring for single and non-pierced lobes features a single strand leading down to a black glass point or optional skull. The chain branches into 2 or 3 chains when for double and triple pierced lobe is chosen and the furthest one ends in the point. Each earring comes with a single earring with chain connecting the earring back. This simpler earring is usually worn on the opposite ear. As with all our earrings, there are options for wear on even ears with no piercings at all (choose "sterling ear cuff" and "for non-pierced lobe"). Shown here with double-pierced lobe, upper-stud and black point. View with sterling ear cuff for triple pierced lobe and black point. See single-pierced earring with ear cuff and skull. View a single earring with skull.
Also, see it with entirely non-pierced options ("sterling ear cuff" "for non-pierced lobe").
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Valkyrie jacket-chains
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Valkyrie jacket-chains $38.00
An easy way to make "the usual" more interesting, These metal shoulder chains made to quickly and easily decorate any jacket or clothing sporting a standard epaulet. The innovative design drapes the upper arm in an unusual web of metal, while the entire bottom edge is bristling with little metal leaves and eye-catching, hammered spearheads.
We are quite proud of our innovative jacket-chains design because there is no need to be concerned about sizing. Each set of chains is made to fit any upper arm sizes, with excess chain used as further decoration. Unlike other methods of decorating a jacket, it can be quickly removed should a more conservative appearance be desired - just undo the epaulet and slide the maille right off. This item is sold individually but are sometimes worn in pairs.
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Blade chain mail choker
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Blade chain mail choker $24.00
This is a wonderful gothic choker design which features two pewter blades bracketed with gleaming glass beads. The unique dark faerie look makes it a favorite of the designer and creator. The choker itself is formed of flowing chainmail shapes and large gunmetal rings. The chainmail portions have a fringe of spear beads with a lovely dark gleaming colors on one side which shift in the light. However, if you wish a more sedate look, just flip the choker over to reveal plain black spears. This choker is designed so it can comfortably be worn as high on the neck as you like. The standard size fits from a 12-15 inch neck, while large fits from 15-18 inches. View with the black side of the beads showing. See the close-up.
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Valkyrie chainmail top
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Valkyrie chainmail top $120.00
This amazing chainmail top is a hot warrior look which accents the female form. It is garb is suitable for your inner Valkyrie. Wear it over various styles of clothing or nothing at all for those private moments. It is handcrafted out of galvanized steel wire and nickel-plated dangles and chain. This revealing halter top fits a 'D' cup and smaller with plenty of adjustment to raise or lower the neck. The back chain may be loosened or tightened with a snap-hook which can hook anywhere along the back chain. See other view with a Valkyrie chain belt.
Undergarment not included
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Valkyrie scale belt
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Valkyrie scale belt $110.00
A warrior look which is as perfect for belly dance costumes as it is a night out at the club. Breathtaking scale-mail appearance of the front sides frames the tiered chains strung with shiny dangles. The overall design is meant to complement the female form. The back length is hung with overlapping scales designed to enhance while still being comfortable for sitting. The many steel scales do not make for quiet hip shimmies, but that's what we were going for :). This waist adornment has an overall weight of just under a pound which gives it a nice, substantial feel while not being at all uncomfortable to wear. With the adjustment chains on either side, it totals 42” overall in length. See other view shown with a Valkyrie chainmail top. Also see back view.
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