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Halter tops

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ShadowPoint halter top
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ShadowPoint halter top $110.00
This incredible top can add a great cyberpunk/apocalyptic look to many types of outfits. It also looks fantastic when worn over a corset, which is perfect for steampunk wear. The upper chainmail portion is set over a sturdy structure of steel chain and slightly overlaps the lower portion with a three-dimensional appearance which enhances the look of one's chest. The bottom drape tucks up under the breasts, shaped both to draw attention to them while minimizing the stomach. The chainmail is fringed with bits of chain and reflective drop-shaped discs as well as blood red points capped with Hematite. Fits to at least a 40DD. See other view with an Amira handflower. Shown with a Raven headpiece, Danae arm bands, and a ShadowPoint belt. Silver-tone is made in steel and nickel-plated chains, gold-tone is brass with gold-tone chain and findings.
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Diamond chains top $110.00
Shiny nickel-plated chains flow gracefully from ornate strands of celtic style maille diamonds. The unique arrangement of chain enhances the upper-body shape and proportion in a way far more flattering than the standard leather straps and chains configuration. This attractive design accessorizes wonderfully with any number of outfit styles and is one of the designer's personal favorites. Wear it over anything from fabric to rubber and, of course, the effect is stunning when worn just on skin. It drapes beautifully on all shapes and sizes from x-small through over a 40D bra size. Shown here with a Crystal coronet and Diamond belt. See other view with the matching thong. It also makes great costume wear.
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Valkyrie chainmail top
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Valkyrie chainmail top $120.00
This amazing chainmail top is a hot warrior look which accents the female form. It is garb is suitable for your inner Valkyrie. Wear it over various styles of clothing or nothing at all for those private moments. It is handcrafted out of galvanized steel wire and nickel-plated dangles and chain. This revealing halter top fits a 'D' cup and smaller with plenty of adjustment to raise or lower the neck. The back chain may be loosened or tightened with a snap-hook which can hook anywhere along the back chain. See other view with a Valkyrie chain belt.
Undergarment not included
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Hexmaile harness $100.00
In this beautiful, original chainmail top, our Hexmaile weave extends from the neckline, and branches of maile diamonds surround the chest in a way that really draws the eye. The beautiful chain of diamond shapes continues around the back and hooks with a small snap-hook. This halter style harness really incites the imagination when worn on top of clothing and is downright captivating upon bare skin. The standard size fits from an A to a C cup. Large fits through DD cup sizes. Shown in brass with a Crystalweave headdress and Hexmaile armlets. See other view in gold-tone brass with an Dancer Handstar. View harness in steel.
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WebArt bodypiece
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WebArt bodypiece $150.00
This elaborate creation is an awesome display of wearable art. We've been known for our unique, handwoven spiderwebs since 1992. For many years these original chain weaves were restricted to one-of-a-kind pieces, woven almost entirely while being worn by the customer to ensure that each chain hung precisely on each particular body shape. We finally invented a process which allows the web to form attractively to just about any shape and size so we are now able to offer this coveted work of art without requiring the customer to endure long hours of personal fittings.
This full frontal bodypiece is handwoven in chain of your selected color with matching faceted beads bracketed with Hematite to enhance the color. It fits attractively on all shapes and sizes through at least a 40D. It is shown here in gold-tone chain with WebArt hand bracelets. See another view with a WebArt waistchain and WebArt hand bracelets.
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Crystalweave bodyjewelry $130.00
Adorn your body with flowers of chain maille bearing beautiful, shimmering jewels. This gorgeous top is just dripping with fancy drops of sparkling faceted beads, more than we've ever used in a fashion design. We personally handcraft each top, forming each individual flower and setting each fire polished bead of your choice of color. The design was created to draw attention to just the right places, whether worn over clothing or by itself. To keep it sturdy enough for lasting wear, we only craft it in steel except by special arrangement. This item fits up to a 40D bra size.
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Amira body-jewelry
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Amira body-jewelry $65.00
This light and versatile jewelry for your body is a breathtaking creation of chains and beads whether resting against fabric or on bare skin. This Faery-like top looks stunning on all shapes and sizes. Chains flow teasingly over the chest, draped to enhance. The chainwork lattice in the center sparkles with fire polished beads in your choice of color. This creation fits attractively from tiny sizes to beyond a 40D and can be crafted in silver or gold-tone. Shown in silver-tone with cobalt blue beads with a Hexmaile belt, Steel-lace choker, Colorful hand-drape, Wayfarer bracelet and arm-bands.
View picture in crystal aurora borealis beads with an Amira waistchain and an Amira Handstar.
See other view with iridescent purple beads.
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Ice-Flame halter bikini top
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Ice-Flame halter bikini top $195.00
This incredible halter top goes well beyond a traditional chainmail bikini with its shiny chains and vivid beads forming patterns almost mystical or tribal in nature. Dancers of all types love the fire polished beads in triads and chains of vibrant blue-ice cobalt to sapphire blues, and photographs can not do justice to our gothic dark-fire look where bright red tones darken into rich garnet and gradually fade into black. The patterns of the shiny chains drape from the collar piece to the tight-woven chainmail. Below, more chains connect triads of beads and faceted drops in a richly attractive pattern. We set each link, bead and chain ourselves to create this phenomenal work of art. The shiny chains and connecting links are imitation rhodium plated and the chainmail is lightweight aluminum. Dark-fire colors shown here with an Ice-Flame dancer arm band and Ice-Flame belly jewelry. Also shown in blue-ice with Ice-Flame arm bands and Ice-Flame harem bracelets.
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Crystalweave bikini top
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Crystalweave bikini top $167.50
This halter bikini top is hung with an airy, web-like drape reminiscent of elven beauty. The metal is lightweight, yet strong, as magical elven maille was reputed to be. The web glitters with sets of fire polished beads, with your choice of color combined with smaller ones with the faerie-like glimmer of crystal aurora borealis color. You may now optionally choose little bells instead of beads for tiny silver-plated bells with a tinkling sound when you move. The shape accents the chest area while slimming the midriff. Each link is woven into the whole by the artist herself so the beauty of this piece is matched only by its amazing comfort. Yes, our lightweight aluminum is still a little heavier than fabric, but that's why it is supported by custom sewn, heavyweight spandex straps, providing the best possible comfort available. The close-up view with crystal aurora borealis beads shown with matching Amira necklace and Crystalweave headdress. See other view with an Ice-Flame dancer necklace.
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WebArt halter top $215.00
Chainmail bikini tops are an enduring tradition but making them more artistic to be more than just a plain bikini was just not done before we started selling them. Once upon a time we would create one of a kind bikini tops with unique spiderwebs and other designs woven within and around them. Those pieces were always in great demand. However, we did not have the opportunity to make one for every customer who wanted one because she had to be wearing the top during the very time intensive web-weaving process. We are now pleased to be able to offer through mail order bikini tops similar to those original works of art. Each will be handwoven to order in colorful chains and adorned with matching firepolished beads bracketed with Hematite. Shown here with a WebArt over-skirt. As with all our bikini top based designs, this one is hand linked by the artist out of lightweight aluminum links and is supported by deluxe, heavyweight spandex straps hand-sewn for ultimate comfort. For a similar look in a more versatile fashion, consider a WebArt bodypiece and Chainmail bikini top combination.
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Hexmaile halter top
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Hexmaile halter top $165.00
Used to be the only chainmaille bikini tops seen at Renaissance Faires and SCA events were plain and unadorned. Those days are long gone, a fact which this original and lasting design is partially responsible for. This stylish halter top features our comfortable bikini top base but the addition of an intricate drape of our hexagonal-shaped chainmaille turns it into a lovely halter top. This attractive drape also distracts attention from the stomach, making it a very popular creation. These attributes made this one of our all-time most crowd-pleasing clothing designs. As beautiful as this piece is, we place comfort above all else with our bikini tops. From the smooth, sensuous feel of the chainmaille to the plush, heavy spandex straps, you'll be amazed that a metal bikini can be so comfortable. Shown with a Raven headpiece, Diamond choker necklace and Diamond slave armlets. See other view.
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Amira chainmail bikini top
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Amira chainmail bikini top $160.00
This metal bikini top is extremely popular for belly dancing, renaissance fairs and simply to wear outside in hot weather. The beautiful chainmail fringe hung with fire polished bead drops or nickel-plated bells lends additional charm. It was our own original idea to take the chainmail bikini concept beyond a plain top, and that was very popular during our years of vending at the Pennsic War. In fact, even after more than a decade since vending there, those very same tops are still spotted at that event. Our chainmail bikini tops provide coverage while allowing more air flow than any fabric we can think of. As with all our bikinis, the tight weave, smoothly closed links of lightweight aluminum, and deluxe, custom-sewn straps make it extremely comfortable to wear. Shown with Amira handflower and Amira bottom. View large size with nickel-plated bells shown with Wayfarer choker.
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