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Men's Chainmale Fashions

Our men's chainmale fashions are each handcrafted to order by the artist.

Chain Maille harness $125.00
Our men's chainmail harnesses are available in shiny nickel-plate, sinister gun metal and gold-tone gilt finish as well as striped, dual-tone combinations. The large central rings are nickel-plated welded rings, except for the all gilt option, which uses solid brass rings. They can be worn in an "X" or with the bottom straps placed higher with the adjustment provided by snap-hooks in back. The Y-harness style's upper front straps come together into a "Y" and the attachment points are attractively accented. View Y-harness style in gunmetal finish.
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Chain mail necktie $40.00
The perfect gift for that weekend warrior! We came up with this idea in 1992 and were shocked that no one had thought of a chainmail necktie before. It seemed an obvious male fashion statement while being small enough to keep the handcraft time within limits. It is made of shiny, lightweight aluminum for comfort, and the strap is made with high quality, soft leather and has a distinctive metal slide setup which allows full adjustability up to neck sizes of 20". The tie length of 18½" fits all but the tallest people, but if needed, we can create one with a custom length. See other view.
Note: It may be considered a power tie by some, but it is not recommended for use by electricians at work.
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Maille Breech-clout $125.00
An ancient idea with a new look, this loincloth is bound to turn heads, whether worked into a cyber or barbarian warrior outfit, renaissance faire garb, or worn over jeans. Throw it over a pair of black pants for instant clubwear, gothic or otherwise, because comfortable doesn't have to be boring. It can be worn straight across the waist or dipped to accent the length. Two panels, each made of ornate steel chainmail are draped from attractively worked nickel-plated chain and rings. Nickel-plated snap-hooks and additional chain for size adjustment are located on each side. It is adjustable from very slim through a 42" waist. Shown worn over a Deluxe men's bottom. See back view.
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Gladiator tank $200.00
This tank top is very attractive in galvanized steel with black metal beads. Tight-woven shoulder pieces allow for comfortable weight distribution and add an air of ancient Rome. Wear it with or without a shirt underneath. This item fits from small to x-large t-shirt sizes and is made in such a way to allow for expansion around the stomach area.
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Deluxe Mens chain mail g-string $120.00
Of all our men's items, this deluxe g-string is by far the most popular. It is based on the same design as the men's chainmail g-string. However, there is a huge difference in the feel of this style because it is a much tighter knit, making it more comfortable and virtually opaque. View close-up. The model in the close-up is abnormally large, but the pouch is designed to fit properly on all conceivable sizes. The polyester braid straps stretch for a comfortable fit on a wide range of sizes.
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Chain Maille harness Deluxe Maille harness Chain mail necktie Maille Breech-clout Gladiator tank Men's Chainmaille Fashion Wear
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