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Harem Body Chains & Cuffs

We are the original creators of Harem Body Chains.
We had so much fun playing with these delightful harem slave chains that we decided to give them their own gallery. There are many more possible combinations and positions. They can enticingly peek out of innocent clothing or be boldly combined with leather and rubber wear. Each is handmade by the artist when ordered.
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Harem chains top and bottom
Harem chains top
Harem chains bottom
Harem cuffs (2 sets) and Harem chains top
Harem cuffs (2 sets)

Harem chains top
Harem chains top and bottom close-up
Harem chains top
Harem chains bottom
Harem cuffs and Harem chains bottom
Harem cuffs

Harem chains bottom
Harem chains, bottom, back view
Harem chains, bottom
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Harem body chains $47.50
These exquisite body chains are made with luxurious, welded chain for a smooth and sensual feel against the skin. This shiny chain is plated with imitation gold or nickel. We set gunmetal (for nickel option) or gilt (for im. gold) rings right into the chain for decoration as well as to allow appropriate places to hook the lightweight locks. The top version runs from collar to waist and locks in place at the waist. Choose bottom style for a belly chain with a bottom. This style is held securely in place with two locks, one for the front and one for the back. All these locks are keyed alike, which comes in handy for those wishing full sets especially when combined with our matching Harem cuffs. Turn regular clothing into a chastity belt by locking the bottom piece over it. See various combinations and views in our Gallery of Harem pieces. The standard sizes fit up to a 34" waist, and large goes up to a 43" waist. The main picture shows both the top and the bottom piece being worn. Harem Body Chains has been the published name for Strangeblades & More's locking body chains (documentable prior to the year 2003).
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Harem cuffs $45.00
These delightful creations are very versatile, fitting comfortably on either wrists or ankles up to 11" (just ask if you need it to fit larger). They are made with sensuous, welded chain in either shiny nickel-plate set with gunmetal rings or bright imitation gold-plate with gilt rings. A central ring may be left unattached or locked onto any other attachment ring, such as those found on many collars. Of course, we think they look exceptionally good when locked to various parts of our own Harem Body Chains. Each comes with 3 lightweight locks, all keyed alike.
The main picture shows two sets of Harem cuffs, locked together at their centers, as well as a Harem chains top. There were so many possible combinations that we had to make an entire Gallery of Harem pieces just to show some of them.
Note: These are meant for fashion use only.
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Harem chains chain close-up
Chain close-up

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