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Locking Slave Chains Jewelry

This unusual locking collar and slave chain jewelry is popular with punk and goth fans as well as for adorning that special someone for a night out. Some are also available without the locks, but we do not sell components such as locks separately. All are made for fashion rather than continuous wear.

Locking anklet $23.00
This unique lockable ankle decoration is attractive without being ostentatious. Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. The standard size is adjustable up to an 11" ankle, the large size to a 13" ankle. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer bracelet. Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are fashion items and not meant for continuous wear.
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ShadowPoint locking necklace $29.00
This enchanting necklace design has a beautiful weave with an inset D-ring above contrasting "V"s of black chain. It is discreetly lockable at the back with the included lightweight lock but may be worn with just the built-in S-hook if preferred. We'll make it in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It is shown here with a Crystal coronet. This necklace fits up to an 18" neck. View locked back. View as part of our ShadowPoint body chains.
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Harem body chains $47.50
These exquisite body chains are made with luxurious, welded chain for a smooth and sensual feel against the skin. This shiny chain is plated with imitation gold or nickel. We set gunmetal (for nickel option) or gilt (for im. gold) rings right into the chain for decoration as well as to allow appropriate places to hook the lightweight locks. The top version runs from collar to waist and locks in place at the waist. Choose bottom style for a belly chain with a bottom. This style is held securely in place with two locks, one for the front and one for the back. All these locks are keyed alike, which comes in handy for those wishing full sets especially when combined with our matching Harem cuffs. Turn regular clothing into a chastity belt by locking the bottom piece over it. See various combinations and views in our Gallery of Harem pieces. The standard sizes fit up to a 34" waist, and large goes up to a 43" waist. The main picture shows both the top and the bottom piece being worn. Harem Body Chains has been the published name for Strangeblades & More's locking body chains (documentable prior to the year 2003).
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Harem cuffs $45.00
These delightful creations are very versatile, fitting comfortably on either wrists or ankles up to 11" (just ask if you need it to fit larger). They are made with sensuous, welded chain in either shiny nickel-plate set with gunmetal rings or bright imitation gold-plate with gilt rings. A central ring may be left unattached or locked onto any other attachment ring, such as those found on many collars. Of course, we think they look exceptionally good when locked to various parts of our own Harem Body Chains. Each comes with 3 lightweight locks, all keyed alike.
The main picture shows two sets of Harem cuffs, locked together at their centers, as well as a Harem chains top. There were so many possible combinations that we had to make an entire Gallery of Harem pieces just to show some of them.
Note: These are meant for fashion use only.
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Chain mail Chainset $65.00
This is a versatile and fun jewelry set and makes the ideal accessory for a harem slave costume. The included lightweight locks act as clasps for the chainmail collar and cuffs. This set comes standard with two 18" nickel-plated chains, each with cute little snap-hooks on both ends to fasten to the D-rings which decorate the front of each jewelry piece. The neck and wrist jewelry pieces are also attractive accessories when worn separately. See close-up view. For novelty use only.
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Lock-et chain mail collar $36.00
The two chainmaille weaves used in this piece create a unique effect when the collar is put on. This jewelry piece functions in a way similar to a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. It can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish. Also available is a beautiful heart shaped lock with a very high nickel polish and one key. The standard size fits up to 16" necks and the large fits neck sizes to 18". For a longer tail choose the larger size. Shown with a heart-shaped lock, Crown of Spikes. See other view with an Amira headband. View close-up with a black lock. Our mail order jewelry is handcrafted for fashion use only, not meant for continuous wear.
(We do not sell locks separately)
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Dual-braid Half-round collar $38.00
This charming metal braid makes an unusual yet elegant necklace and a discreet collar, or use the padlock to clasp it for more of a statement. The slim, flexible collar is formed of intertwined brass and steel links. It is flattened on one side so that it rests nicely along the base of the neck. It is made with an S-hook and padlocks are available in solid brass with a black finish. May be upgraded to high polish nickel padlock or a heart shaped lock with similar finish (1 key each). See close-up necklace view. We also make a matching bracelet. None of our mail order products are made for constant wear.
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Dual-braid Half-round bracelet $24.00
Brass and steel links twine together to create this flattering bracelet. It is a beautiful jewelry piece which feels silky against the skin. It comes with a hook so it may be worn as a plain, elegant band when the permanence of a padlock is undesirable. This bracelet may be ordered with solid padlocks in black or beautiful, high nickel polished padlock or heart shaped lock. Also see the matching collar piece. Not made for constant wear.
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Snake slave collar $38.00
This sturdy galvanized steel collar is especially popular with men. It is made in a very tight weave with a snake-like feel but with one edge slighly flattened for resting against the skin. An "S" hook has been added to give a choice of wearing it with or without a padlock. This collar is available with a solid brass padlock with a black finish or may be upgraded to a nickel polished lock in heart shape or rectangular shape. See other view w/nickel polished padlock. Also see our matching locking bracelet. Please remember that none of our mail order products are made for constant wear.
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Snake chainmail bracelet $24.00
This bracelet is woven in a tight weave of steel links. It has a very sturdy feel and a snake-like flexibility with a slightly flattened side which rests against the skin. It may be worn with or without a padlock because an "S" hook is built-in. If a lock is wanted, the standard options are for a solid brass lock with a black finish but also available are beautiful locks which have a very shiny, polished nickel finish. View the heart shaped lock or sturdier nickel polished padlock. Also see the matching collar.
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Blacklock neck chain $14.50
Our Blacklock neck chain is a simple item which never loses it's appeal. This locking necklace is made of black anodized chain and clasped with a sturdy matte finish padlock. Many choose the length for wearing it close to the neck, but it also makes a fashionable long neckchain. Also see the matching Blacklock waist chain.
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Blacklock waist chain $17.00
This unusual, lockable belly chain is made with black anodized chain, and it comes with a matte finish padlock. Rings placed along the chain allow the lock to be attached where you want it. Shown with Deluxe women's bottom and Crystalweave bikini top. Also see our matching Blacklock necklace.
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Chain mail manacles
This item is no longer available
These steel manacles don't just look sturdy. The D-rings are solid and their connections are reinforced with heavier stainless steel links. The central D-ring can be attached to chain, hooks, ropes or locks. The tight weave and careful design of these manacles is to prevent the excessive loss of circulation often experienced with chainmaille items of this sort. Of course, they aren't meant for any sort of suspension.
The four optional black locks are keyed alike and come with 3 keys apiece. However, the manacles can be clasped with your own locks, snap hooks, carabiners and may even be roped shut. These cuffs are adjust to fit 6" to 8½" inch wrists.

View the entire Maile™ fashion line.

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