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Body chains

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These unique body chains are individually handcrafted by the artist whose imagination brought the designs to life.
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We have been using the name Harem Body Chains on our site since 2002 as the name for our original Harem chains and cuffs designs.

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Ice-Flame body chain
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Ice-Flame body chain $60.00
This unique and evocative body chain is a fairy-like creation which is sure to get noticed. The jeweled neck to belly chain features a progression of color shades formed of individually set fire polished beads. From there, graceful lengths of shiny chains branch into tiered drapes with triad sets of beads suspending faceted drops. The sultry dark-fire colors rise from black to deep garnet to ruby red and blue-ice shifts through vibrant blue tones of cobalt, dark sapphire and light sapphire. It fits a 40" waist and under, and the neck chain portion is over 20" in length. The shiny chains and connector rings are imitation rhodium plated, and the chainmail is steel. Shown in blue-ice with Ice-Flame arm bands. View in dark-fire. See other view in dark-fire with an Ice-Flame harem bracelet. See also in dark-fire with a Maille Heavybelt.
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Dancer neck to belly chain
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Dancer neck to belly chain $40.00
Many expressed interest in a more ornate and dainty body chain than our Harem body chains so we've created this unusual necklace to belly chain. It is wonderful for dance costumes, summer wear or wherever else an unusual and intriguing accessory is desired. Wear over clothing or with the chain leading under a cropped shirt to reappear at the waist. Your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals crown black faceted points dangle beautifully. The neckchain is made with additional length so it's end bead may lead enticingly down the back or be draped back over the shoulder as shown. The waist chain adjusts up to a 36" waist, and any excess adds a graceful touch when looped back onto the hook and/or over the chain. It is shown here in silver-tone with goldstone beads. See close-up view of belly chain.
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Stones or Crystals
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ShadowPoint body chains
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ShadowPoint body chains $80.00
This unique new set of body chains includes a locking necklace, deluxe connection chains, and two arm bands, all of which detach for separate wear if desired. The necklace design is very unusual, with dual "V"s of black chain, inset D-ring. It locks at the back of the neck with a lightweight lock but also has an S-hook in case that is not desired. Accents of chain lend themselves to the shape of the piece. The connection chains of fancy curb chain with a lovely design of maille weave along it. Unlike our other connection chains, these are designed to hook on the rings at the sides of the collar and little chainmail drapes are placed to open at the bottom of the curve of the chain. The matching arm bands each feature a solid D-ring with black chain "V"s on either side and a garnet point at the end of the adjustment chain (adjusts up to 12" arms). This set is shown with a Crystal coronet and a Chainmail bikini top. View necklace and back with lock on. See other view of arm band.
This set is now optionally available with a detachable chest extension which comes with either nooses, lobster clasps or mini-clips.
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Harem body chains
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Harem body chains $47.50
These exquisite body chains are made with luxurious, welded chain for a smooth and sensual feel against the skin. This shiny chain is plated with imitation gold or nickel. We set gunmetal (for nickel option) or gilt (for im. gold) rings right into the chain for decoration as well as to allow appropriate places to hook the lightweight locks. The top version runs from collar to waist and locks in place at the waist. Choose bottom style for a belly chain with a bottom. This style is held securely in place with two locks, one for the front and one for the back. All these locks are keyed alike, which comes in handy for those wishing full sets especially when combined with our matching Harem cuffs. Turn regular clothing into a chastity belt by locking the bottom piece over it. See various combinations and views in our Gallery of Harem pieces. The standard sizes fit up to a 34" waist, and large goes up to a 43" waist. The main picture shows both the top and the bottom piece being worn. Harem Body Chains has been the published name for Strangeblades & More's locking body chains (documentable prior to the year 2003).
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Raven slave ensemble
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Raven slave ensemble $120.00
Three of our gothic Raven designs form this popular body chain set. Our Raven necklace, 2 Raven arm bands and 2 Raven slave bracelets are all linked with (4) 18" connection chains of shiny black anodized aluminum. The connection chains each have a small "S" hook on one end and a lobster clasp on the other so they are removeable and may be worn with other jewelry items. The sizes refer only to the armband as the necklace and bracelets fit just about everyone (12"-18" neck and 6"-8½" wrists). The standard size fits an upper arm of 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". The ensemble is shown here with an Amira headband. See other view with a Raven bottom.
This is an item made up of a combination of other jewelry pieces which may also be purchased separately. The ensemble price reflects a discount. We are artists and do not produce connection chains except as part of one of our creations.
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Diamond slave ensemble $95.00
This unique form of body chains bedecks from neck to arm to wrist with drapes of shiny chains. Connect necklace, arm bands and bracelets or wear any piece individually! We handcraft this gorgeous jewelry with our trademark chainmail diamonds adorned with nickel-plated rings and chains. The Ensemble consists of two Diamond slave armlets (a bracelet slaved to an armband by a removeable chain), two additional 18" connection chains (that's 4 in all), and a Diamond choker necklace. Run the chains in any way you wish, even to other jewelry items or piercing rings. Your imagination is the limit! The standard size (shown) fits upper arm size of 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". The necklace and bracelets fit almost everyone (12"-18" neck and 6"-8½" wrists). See other view shown with a WebArt headdress and a WebArt waistchain.
This is an item made up of a combination of other jewelry pieces which may also be purchased separately. Connector chains are only available as part of one of our original designs.
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Amira body-jewelry
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Amira body-jewelry $65.00
This light and versatile jewelry for your body is a breathtaking creation of chains and beads whether resting against fabric or on bare skin. This Faery-like top looks stunning on all shapes and sizes. Chains flow teasingly over the chest, draped to enhance. The chainwork lattice in the center sparkles with fire polished beads in your choice of color. This creation fits attractively from tiny sizes to beyond a 40D and can be crafted in silver or gold-tone. Shown in silver-tone with cobalt blue beads with a Hexmaile belt, Steel-lace choker, Colorful hand-drape, Wayfarer bracelet and arm-bands.
View picture in crystal aurora borealis beads with an Amira waistchain and an Amira Handstar.
See other view with iridescent purple beads.
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WebArt bodypiece $150.00
This elaborate creation is an awesome display of wearable art. We've been known for our unique, handwoven spiderwebs since 1992. For many years these original chain weaves were restricted to one-of-a-kind pieces, woven almost entirely while being worn by the customer to ensure that each chain hung precisely on each particular body shape. We finally invented a process which allows the web to form attractively to just about any shape and size so we are now able to offer this coveted work of art without requiring the customer to endure long hours of personal fittings.
This full frontal bodypiece is handwoven in chain of your selected color with matching faceted beads bracketed with Hematite to enhance the color. It fits attractively on all shapes and sizes through at least a 40D. It is shown here in gold-tone chain with WebArt hand bracelets. See another view with a WebArt waistchain and WebArt hand bracelets.
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Valkyrie chainmail top
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Valkyrie chainmail top $120.00
This amazing chainmail top is a hot warrior look which accents the female form. It is garb is suitable for your inner Valkyrie. Wear it over various styles of clothing or nothing at all for those private moments. It is handcrafted out of galvanized steel wire and nickel-plated dangles and chain. This revealing halter top fits a 'D' cup and smaller with plenty of adjustment to raise or lower the neck. The back chain may be loosened or tightened with a snap-hook which can hook anywhere along the back chain. See other view with a Valkyrie chain belt.
Undergarment not included
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Raven slave anklet
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Raven slave anklet $32.00
This lovely foot adornment makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe from dancer to gothic. In this unusual barefoot sandal, an elegant band of steel chain-mail collars the ankle, with one portion shifting into our trademark diamond shapes and branching off toward the toes. Black anodized chains fall smoothly across the top of the foot. Foot jewelry such as these are sometimes referred to as slave anklets. They may be worn singly, as regular anklet are usually worn, or by the pair like sandals for barefeet. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. It is shown here with a Raven slave bracelet.
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Raven chain-top $85.00  Sale! $76.50
Hematite teardrops, black chains and steel maille are formed into this darkly alluring creation. Chains lead from an elegant collar-piece to maile which outlines the upper part of the chest. Tiers of chain drape attractively below while a maile diamond leading to a hematite teardrop is centered between. For a full Raven halter top effect, it may be worn over a Chainmail bikini top. The collar clasps behind the neck and a small snap-hook holds the chain around the back. It fits up through a 40D bra size. Shown with a Crystal Facemask, Wayfarer bracelet and arm-bands. See other view with a Raven belt or as formal attire.
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Diamond chains top
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Diamond chains top $110.00
Shiny nickel-plated chains flow gracefully from ornate strands of celtic style maille diamonds. The unique arrangement of chain enhances the upper-body shape and proportion in a way far more flattering than the standard leather straps and chains configuration. This attractive design accessorizes wonderfully with any number of outfit styles and is one of the designer's personal favorites. Wear it over anything from fabric to rubber and, of course, the effect is stunning when worn just on skin. It drapes beautifully on all shapes and sizes from x-small through over a 40D bra size. Shown here with a Crystal coronet and Diamond belt. See other view with the matching thong. It also makes great costume wear.
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Crystalweave nipple jewelry $27.50
This creation of a web-like lattice of chainmaille is dripping with ethereal beauty as well as fire polished beads. It is standardly made with non-pierced nooses for use without piercings. It is optionally available for use with existing piercing jewelry and/or favorite clamps with either jewelry hooks or mini-clips. This ornament works very well to add a bit of teasing coverage by (mini-)clipping it to the back band of any gstring or the bottom edge of a bikini top as a midriff cover. See other view shown with a Crystalweave necklace and Crystalweave handflower. Now, this jewelry is optionally available with pretty little bells in place of beads to create a delightful sound.
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Danae nipple necklace set
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Danae nipple necklace set $47.50
This necklace and nipple chain combination entices the eyes to follow it downward. It can be worn under clothing with just how far it travels being your own personal secret. It may be worn as a set or each part separately as a Danae chainmail necklace and a Danae nipple chain with it's own useful hook. The necklace has a 24" length overall to allow plenty of adjustment. Since it's original invention we've also added an additional central diamond shape to this set so that it better fits through plus sizes as well. This item may be ordered with jewelry hooks, mini-clips, or nooses for the unpierced. View in brass with an Amira headdress. See other view. View Danae collar set with Diamond slave armlets and a Diamond belt. View necklace worn separately.
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ShadowPoint locking collar set
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ShadowPoint locking collar set $47.50
This locking collar to nipple set contains a unique nipple chain and our beautiful ShadowPoint locking necklace. The necklace may also be worn alone, with or without the included lightweight lock in back. When desired, just hook the nipple extension to the necklace's D-ring and slip on the nipple attachments (nipple nooses, jewelry hooks or mini-clips). We will handcraft this in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It fits to an 18" neck.
The necklace w/nipple extension may also be purchased as part of our ShadowPoint body chains which includes deluxe connection chains and two arm bands.
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Diamond nipple choker set $54.00
An elegant and unusual design, this choker to nipple decoration is made for non-pierced wear or on piercing jewelry and clamps. It is made with steel chainmail diamonds and shining nickel-plated rings, chain, bells and hooks. In addition to wearing it as purchased and shown, the necklace portion is a Diamond choker necklace which may be worn by itself. The nipple portion may be worn on unpierced nipples with nipple nooses, or order it for wear on existing jewelry or clamps with your choice of sister-hooks or mini-clips. The collar set is displayed here with a Diamond Celtic headband. Also see the Diamond nipple chains which is a simpler decoration in the same fashion line. View choker worn separately.
NOTE: Please mention with your order if you need greater than 9" nipple to nipple so we can make appropriate adjustments.
To link nipples, neck, upper arm and wrists all together with sleek chains, add our Diamond slave armlets w/additional connection chains.
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